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Let Them Know You're
Available with the
Date Me


Are you single and seeking that long lasting connection? 

Break the ice. Start up a conversation and wear your single status
on your sleeve

Take the mystery and frustration out of the dating scene, meetup apps and online profiling sites. The Date Me Bracelet offers a cool new way to introduce yourself and declare your status like a wedding band does for married couples. 

Bracelets in available in 3 sizes and colors

Our Bracelets

Available in Red for Females, Blue for Males and Gold for Same Sex Singles

Sustainably Hand Crafted in the U.S.A.

In light of environmental impacts, anodized aluminum is the "naturally green" material. Anodizing accentuates the environmental benefits of aluminum without compromising them, and the process is relatively benign when compared to other materials and processes.

The Date Me Bracelet is hand crafted from anodized aluminum with an attractive metallic satin sheen. 

Available in small, medium and large sizes with 3 colors to choose from

source: Aluminum Anodizers Council

Small Female Bracelet

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